On April 22, 2021, for the second time in history, the House passed legislation to make the District of Columbia the nation's 51st state. The Bill is now before the Senate with 45 sponsors. Passage of the Bill is the only way that Washingtonians can achieve full, first-class, American Citizenship.


Why Statehood for D.C.

Link: https://statehood.dc.gov/page/why-statehood-dc

For more than 200 years, Washington, D.C. residents have been subjected to systemic inequality and denied the full rights of citizenship that the residents of states enjoy, including voting representation in Congress. It is time to right a great historic wrong.

Equal Treatment

Washington, D.C. is Large Enough to be a State:

Washington, D.C. can Afford to be a State:

D.C. residents are denied representation:

Statehood for Washington, D.C. is constitutional:

We need to revive the basic ideals of American democracy. We know that D.C. statehood cannot wait. Generations of Washingtonians have been denied the right to participate in our democracy – to have their voices and votes heard in Congress, to help shape the future of our nation, and to have a say on Supreme Court justices, whose decisions affect every single person living in the United States. It is time for the 712,000 tax-paying Americans to get full equality and autonomy in their government.

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